The Myth

The character of Medea and myths related to the mythological Argonauts are the historical treasure of Greek culture in the Mediterranean, culture that comes to life with the spread of Greek colonies that, from Athens and to Athens transported cultural values ​​and materials to and from the different native peoples. Certainly it is no a coincidence that the Naxos (the Taormina’s colony) is proudly the first in Sicily, and certainly it’s not undeserved the title of Pearl of the Ionian Sea thanks its unique location at 200 meters above sea level.Taormina is reflected in the crystal blue waters of the sea below, charming for centuries poets, artists, writers.
Medea Residence comes from the desire to give an artistic breath and a mythological theme in some form that can emerge again the ancient soul of the place where it stands. The fleet of the Argonauts in the myth, his return jorney along the Strait of Messina and faces to that pearl that thanks to the colony of Naxos was already in the life of the Greek civilization. So it’s only a little poetic license to imagine that they have stayed near our coast and to sixteen of them we have dedicated the design and we have titled ech appartment spent, as well as to all the Residence we have given the name of the mythological sorceress Medea direct descending of Elios, the Sun.

The place

The place has some absolutely unique characteristics. It is in fact a vast green area directly behind the historic center of Taormina and that then offers the opportunity of one exceptional view, the beauty of the surrounding vegetation and simultaneously a insignificant distance from the storic center. With great determination, we have respected the natural topography of the vegetation, offering the chance to stand under secular olive trees or along the old Orchard, to bathe in the pool enjoying the beautiful view of the bay. With the same determination we have given each apartment a name inspired by an Argonaut whose characteristics are handed down from the myth.
So born sixteen places that unite comfort technology and contemporary design with the creation of highly original elements that benefit of Mediterranean craftsmanship. Ceramics, brick, steel, resins, textiles frescoes, wood, marble, mosaics accompany the stay of our guests, gradually revealing different facets and angles of this prism of various colors. Respect for nature, moreover, was not limited to the preservation of the ancient structure of the vegetation is farms, the use of green building materials and structural devices, in preserving the environment.

Horizontal trails

The use of trails for the disabled inside the Residence opens its doors to those sections otherwise much neglected in the turistic areas, especially when these, such as Taormina, are located in areas that are not flat.


The presence of balconies, terraces, little gardens and several apartments overlooking gives a nice breath of habitability in a setting of peace and beauty so dear to the Greek culture.

The design also takes into account the visual dynamics of a given course by the different access paths to the various apartments in the ‘intent to narrate symbolically the four fundamental characteristics contained in the symbolism of the trip “:

earth, water, air and fire.

Earth, water

From the Earth of the vegetation of the garden to the Water of the “mirror of the nymphs”, citing the character of Ila and the water again symbolically represented by a path of marbles immersed in the resin leading from central corridor to the stairs and finally from the omphalon deliberately placed in the heart of the whole structure, with a Greek inscription which testifies to the enterprise architecture.

Air, fire

Air and fire lives the strong impact on the upper floor, where the ceramic floor tiles and terracotta intersect with each other and expand on the terrace and in the corridors.
But other pathways open so that the visitor can discover the intense smells of our Sicilian vegetation through the many paths that wind around the structures.

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Vello d’Oro Art Hotel

Jason and the Golden Fleece La Toison d’Or” , the most representative myth of travelling ! The ship Argo and the Argonauts are the starting point for the hotel’s name, that hosts travellers from all over the world, like a classic “Greek ship” which indicates people of different origins coming together. Jason searches for the golden fleece and, after having found it, he kills the dragon and takes the fleece away, starting a neverending travel from the Middle East to Southern Italy.

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