Apartment Atlanta from € 80 for night

2 peoples 

1large sofa/bed 

1 bathroom 

1 parking space 

To the young Argonauta, the only woman of the enterprise, with Medea, is dedicated this apartment, where the colours reflect the brights tastes of the famous virgin huntress. The presence of a painting on the wood and of tiles were are embed golden apples immersed in the resin, mentioning her exploits in a cheerful symphony to be discovered. The apartment is very suited to a young couple, it can be connected to an adjacent one and has a terrace with views, air conditioning, TV, internet connection, inter phone to the great entrance gate. An air purification device is present in this apartment, capable of eliminating bacteria, reducing odors and fighting mold and dust 24 hours a day, for a safe and carefree holiday!

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