Apartment Bute from € 100 per night

2 peoples 

1large sofà/bed 

1 bathroom 

1 parking space 

The history of the Argonauti tells not only the conquest of the Golden Fleece , but also the expansion of trade between the various place of the Mediterranean and it is for this reason that to the enterprise of the Argonauti we can associate characters likes Bute , the beekeeper . To the symbolism of the bee has been dedicated the design of the apartment. This important animal has been appreciated and even iconographically used in coins and in coats of arms . To the nature and its hidden and beautiful perfection was dedicated a hexagon flooring , the route of the Fibonacci spiral reflected in the floor and on the roof and the design of a terrace that curves remembers the discrete sinuosity of the natural elements . A Tiffany glass crowns with its decor the apartment. The guests get the opportunity to enjoy of a splendid natural point of view , like a gesture of reflection due to the remembrance of the study secular man has done on it. With its brilliant colours and with some devices , is one of the best apartments of the whole structure . It has all the comforts : Scavolini’s kitchen , tv , internet connection, air conditioning , inter phone to the great entrance gate . The apartment it’s perfect for a couple and be connected to an adjacent one . An air purification device is present in this apartment, capable of eliminating bacteria, reducing odors and fighting mold and dust 24 hours a day, for a safe and carefree holiday!

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