Apartment Stafilo from € 000 per night

3 peoples 

2 beds 

1 bathroom 

1 parking space 

To the character of Stafilo (Cluster), the pastor who some myths dedicates the discovery of wine and others to be the Dioniso and Arianna’s son, was dedicated this big apartment. Mosaics and decorations suggest the myth of Bacco as a tribute to the precious and old drink. The large kitchen and other comforts make it one of the best apartments of the structure. Has three beds and is the only apartment to have a private jacuzzi on the large terrace, where guests can enjoy a hot tub outdoors. It can be related to the adjacent apartment, it has a washing machine, air conditioning, internet connection, inter phone at the entrance gate and a great TV. An air purification device is present in this apartment, capable of eliminating bacteria, reducing odors and fighting mold and dust 24 hours a day, for a safe and carefree holiday!

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