Apartment Cenis from € 80 for nigth

2 peoples 

1 sofa/bed 

1 bathroom 

1 parking space 

This apartment has been dedicated to a particular character: Cenis; This woman wanted to be part of the expedition of the Argonauts, So please Poseidon to turn her into a man. The God agreed and transformed her into an invulnerable warrior. Cenis, however, stays tied to the lunar cults that preceded the Olympian religion, from here the idea of ​​an apartment diaphanous deliberately minimalist and monochromatic, where space gives to the guests an absolute relax in counterpoint to the green vegetation. It gives hospitality to two people, has a big kitchen, terrace, TV, internet connection, air conditioning, inter phone to the great entrance gate. An air purification device is present in this apartment, capable of eliminating bacteria, reducing odors and fighting mold and dust 24 hours a day, for a safe and carefree holiday!

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