Apartment Polluce from € 70 for night

2 peoples 

1 sofa/bed 

1 bathroom 

1 parking space 

Dedicated to the second of the Dioscuri, this apartment was built with materials that remembers the mercurial essence of the two mythological characters. The Brazilian slate flooring, the stoup used like a sink and a large kitchen gives to this apartment a characteristic refined functionality, like in the bathroom, where there is a fresco on the column that represents the hero in the enterprise of killing Talo. [and paintings on the walls with a refined game of mirroring trace the constellation of Gemini]. The apartment can also be connected to the adjacent one, called like the Dioscuri Castore.
The bronze’s angel at the base of the shared perimeter, and a tour of inlays of ceramics, attest its complementarity. It has air conditioning, internet connection, inter phone at the entrance gate and a great television. An air purification device is present in this apartment, capable of eliminating bacteria, reducing odors and fighting mold and dust 24 hours a day, for a safe and carefree holiday!

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